Best Ways to dress a Bigger Bust

Having a big bust can make life difficult when it comes to choosing outfits that will look good and classy. It can be a challenge knowing what to wear to avoid being too sexy (unless thats what youre aiming for of course!). Here are some great ideas for getting the most out of your first-class cleavage by dressing it with success.

Tops and Coats

Tight tops that hug the body look amazing as long as the top isnt pushing up the cleavage too far. The best look is V-neck as it lengthens the appearance of the body. It also helps make your neck look longer which all serves to put your bust into better perspective.

The most flattering style for a large chest is a low cut, single-breasted coat. Other styles have a tendency to bulk up the very area that you want to draw the eye away from.


If you love wearing a blouse but worry about pulling it off with bigger boobs then think about choosing blouses with block colours. Loose is good but with a slightly tailored style so as to avoid the tent look. Too tight and you run the risk of an embarrassing button-popping moment taking place! Simple is better so try to avoid anything with ruffles as these will draw unwanted attention to your bust area. Leaving the top button undone will also help to create a V shape which will streamline the look of the blouse and draw the eye down.


The myth is that you should always choose shift dresses as any other style will make you look top-heavy. However, the truth is that both A-line and fit-and-flare can help to balance out a bigger bust. Avoid anything too flimsy but instead opt for strong fabrics. Dont think you need to avoid stretchy material either because these can fit many different figure shapes. Asymmetrical cuts can also look flattering.

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When you have bigger chest, you might think you need to hide everything away in black when it comes to beachwear but black isnt the only slimming option available. Making things look smaller can be achieved using colours like violet and navy blue. When buying a bikini, the key is to look for ultimate support with wider straps for comfort. Strapless tops dont supply enough support so its best to avoid these altogether. Think about comfort and support for your underwear too with the white prima donna deauville bra


There are plenty more tricks of the trade to minimise a larger chest and these include wearing long necklaces to elongate the body, using loosely worn scarves and choosing the right fabric. Invest in top quality fabrics that ensure a good fit materials like cotton or cashmere are perfect.

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Dont Dos

If possible try not to wear wide flowing shirts, tops with sequins or tops with a halter-neck. All if these will draw attention to the bust area and make it look bigger. Velvet, thick knits and satin are also problem materials for larger chests as they bulk up the area.

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