Transporting Your Products Between Levels Is Made Easier With Quality Conveyors

The design of some manufacturing and processing facilities requires that products, supplies, and other materials be transported from one floor or level to another. In most cases, these items are simply too heavy to transport by hand, or there needs to be a more efficient way to get these items from one level to the next. In those circumstances, installing a vertical lift of high quality is the only alternative.

Working with a quality provider of lift conveyors can help you ensure that your facility’s equipment will last for many years to come. The expense of purchasing a vertical lift should leave you feeling confident that downtime will be reduced and mechanical failures will be at a minimum. This type of trust can only be developed, when the supplier of your lift equipment is as dedicated to customer service as they are to making a sale. You should be able to expect the same level of quality that you give to your own customers.

In addition to expecting state of the art equipment, your conveyors should comply with all government regulations. While efficiency is important, so is safety. For that reason, take the time to ask your supplier about the specifications of the equipment. Ensure each conveyor complies with ANSI B20.1 and other standards set forth by government regulations. This can help ensure the risk of injury to your employees will be minimized as much as possible.

Conveyor lifts that bring products from one level or floor to the next should be easy to operate, as well as being reliable and durable. Additionally, be sure to ask how much weight the system can handle, because you’ll likely be maintaining a consistent load upon it. You should be able to expect the system to handle up to 10,000 pounds or more consistently without the risk of damage.

These are just a few of the basic features you should expect in a vertical conveyor lift system. While your supplier may offer more advanced features, ensure that these points are considered as well. This is a significant investment for your organization and one that should last for years to come.

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