How to choose best wheels under your desk chair

Have you ever thought of the wheels under your desk chair? The ones which allow you to roll from the computer to the file cabinet? Or win the occasional desk chair race across the office?

These Wheels Have a Name

They are called casters. And there isn’t one model, nor a single manufacturer. Furthermore, casters are made for more than just desk chairs.

For instance, models are made to move heavy equipment around the factory floor. Noise reducing caster wheels are designed for libraries and hospitals where silence is needed. And shock absorbing casters permit the smooth transportation of material across rough surfaces.

Why Caster Wheels Matter

The right caster wheel matters depending on the service a company provides. For example, a manufacturer of heavy equipment needs durable models with the ability to swivel no matter what the weight. Electronics companies require models which absorb shock so sensitive equipment is not rattled.

Overall, a company which handles items of a delicate manner can’t go to the local hardware store for a set of caster wheels. They have to go to a caster company, R.T. Laird as an example, which creates the proper wheels. In most cases, customers work directly with wheel engineers to specify the amount of shock absorption or noise reduction required for their business.

Why Consultation Matters

Meeting with engineers is an important part of the process. Without necessary guidance, companies can purchase casters which don’t match the size of the delivery platform or are unable to hold its weight. Even if the casters do fit, they may not provide the proper reduction of shock or noise. The result is angry employees & managers, damaged property, and lost income due to product replacement.

Prior to purchasing caster wheels, a company needs to speak with the manufacturer to see if they can engineer the proper wheels. They need a viable and guaranteed price and timeframe quote in order to shop around for the best price and service. Get it done now instead of later.

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