4 Ways To Place Your Casters

So, you’ve gone out and bought the wheels for your equipment, but now you don’t know where to put them. Of course, you want them in a spot that will allow them to roll across the floor. However, there are also other things that you need to consider. Here are some things you can do to ensure that your wheels end up in the right spot for your load.

1. For Low Maneuverability

If you have loads that generally only travel straight but still require maneuverability, you need to put two fixed casters on one end and two swivel wheels on the other. That will let you push your equipment with ease and give you the option to turn if you need it.

2. For Lots of Maneuverability

People who work in crowded government offices may need to push loads all over the place. If you find yourself in a similar situation, attach swivel wheels to the corners of your equipment to allow for maximum maneuverability. However, this can make the cart challenging to control, making this best for light loads.

3. For Extra-Heavy Loads

Extra-heavy loads generally require six wheels. To make this equipment easy to maneuver, place swivel wheels in the corners and rigid wheels in the middle of the longest sides. To make this configuration more maneuverable, use slightly larger wheels in the middle, so you can lift one of the ends to turn the cart.

4. For Heavy Loads and Maneuverability

Heavy loads only demand four wheels. Also known as the diamond configuration, this method places rigid wheels at the halfway points of the longer sides and swivel wheels at the halfway points on the shorter sides.

To get the most out of your wheels, you need to make sure you install them in the best spots. Start by identifying which load you have. Then, follow the tips in this list to ensure you install your wheels properly.

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