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We spend a lot of time at work, but your workplace doesnt have be dull and lifeless. If we must be stuck in an office from 9-5, then lets find ways to re-energize ourselves. Multiple studies have shown that a bit of fun and laughter in the workplace can improve staff productivity levels! So, lets lighten up, loosen those ties and bring some fun back into the office. Here are some ideas on how to do just that:

Introduce a themed day

We all know about casual Friday, but surely, we can do better than that? Why not finish a busy week with a fun theme to boost morale and get everyone in the mood for the weekend? If youre stuck for ideas, hold a vote and let staff decide. Dont forget to include a few ground rules about what is still considered as appropriate attire for the workplace. Some examples include Superhero Day, come to work in your pyjamas or a 70s theme. Perhaps you could tie it in with whatever sector your business is in.

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Get decorating

An easy way of spicing things up a bit is to decorate your office. This could include bright wallpaper, humorous posters or giving the walls a fresh coat of paint in a bright colour. Get the team involved as a great way to engage everyone. Allowing staff to decorate their own personal space can boost morale. Just remember to keep it business appropriate.

Introduce fun furniture

Office furniture doesnt have to be bland and grey. While you cant do much about an individuals ergonomic desk chair, why not consider introducing some fun furniture like the Panton Chair in the break areas and kitchen for example? Liven up the atmosphere with the Panton Chair from Pash Classics.

Introduce the extended lunch break

If youre interested in forging greater relationships between your team members, then try to introduce one longer lunch break a month that allows all team members to eat together. Try not to use it as an excuse for a team meeting or to talk shop, but maybe catch a matinee, visit a restaurant or go bowling for example.


Playing is not just for children. When we get older, we forget how to play, but its actually really beneficial for you both physically and mentally. Try incorporating some playtime into your workplace every day. This can be as simple as bringing in some foam balls, nerf guns or board games for lunchtime. Playing together can help foster better working relationships, helps employees to feel more energized and stop the culture of clock-watching and boredom. Organising team events and away days is another way of introducing elements of fun and play back into the working experience.



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