Wedding Venues to Suit Your Personality

If youre busy looking for the perfect venue for your wedding, youre really spoiled for choice these days. Its an important choice too, as the venue sets the tone for the entire occasion. So, what will your venue say about your personality? Here are some examples of different personality types and what kind of venue would suit them best.

Traditional Types

For couples who desire a traditional wedding day and an all in one venue for the whole day, should ideally consider a hotel venue. Hotels are great for providing a blank canvas in terms of decoration and there are a wide range of packages available to tailor the day to your budget. For details on a hotel Wedding Venue in Gloucestershire, visit Hatton Court.

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Cool & Quirky

For those looking for an unusual and offbeat wedding celebration, venues like former industrial warehouses offer the perfect backdrop for any theme ideas. You can install quirky creative lighting, making it ideal for weddings with strong themes.

Bookworms & Academics

Yes, you can even get married in a library these days! For those couples who love nothing more than the pursuit of knowledge and snuggling up with a good book, this could be the perfect choice.


If youre looking for a day to enjoy the finer things in life, then youll want a venue that shouts, look at me. Consider getting hitched in a stunning stately home full of elegance and grandeur. Even better, blow your savings on a magical castle wedding and tie the knot like royalty. Hotels can also offer a touch of glam, so consider a Wedding Venue in Gloucestershire.

Outdoor Types

Couples who love getting out into the great outdoors should consider an outdoor wedding featuring a marquee, tepee or yurt for their venue. This is ideal for a festival-style wedding theme with live music and a more laidback and fun approach.

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Sporty Couples

Perhaps you both share a sporty hobby or support the same team. Whatever your passion, why not incorporate it into your big day? A sporting venue would make the perfect choice and you can even match your colour theme to the colours of your favourite team! Golf and cricket clubs offer attractive wedding packages.

Culture Vultures

What could be more perfect for culture seekers than a museum or historic place of interest to celebrate their big day? Many museums are housed in elaborate and impressive old buildings and guests can take in all the exhibits while they celebrate with you.

For the Foodies

For those who love food and all things food-related, a restaurant makes the ideal choice. Restaurant weddings have a modern and cosmopolitan feel, as you share fantastic cuisine with your closest family and friends. Perhaps its the location of your first date or somewhere you both love to spend date night?

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