What are WAV vehicles?

For years wheelchair users have struggled with one fundamental transport problem, how to move their chairs over long distances. The wheelchair is cumbersome, and many users can still use cars or have carers that can transport them for recreation, shopping, or simply visiting friends and a family. Luckily modern technology has come up with the answer for this in the shape of the WAV vehicle. WAV stands for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. They are usually specially built machines that can accommodate the wheelchair or regularly manufactured cars adapted to take a wheelchair storage facility.

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The WAV vehicle cannot only transport the chair without compromising the boot space or internal passenger space of the car. They are also specially adapted models that allow wheelchair users to drive the vehicle or be a passenger so that a partner or carer can drive.

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One of the most notable examples of the WAV vehicle is that of the minivan. This usually involves a large open doored car or van with ramps extending out of the floor to allow the wheelchair to be pushed or driven into the rear. When the door is closed, the wheelchair user can remain in the chair for the duration of the journey or even access a central steering wheel to drive themselves.

Sadly, such vehicles can be more expensive than regular production automobiles due to the extra engineering required. However, WAV Vehicles from Clarke Mobility represent good value and are worth looking at.

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