Do you know these things about renewable energy?

Renewable energy has changed the way we think about power and how it’s possible to live in a world without fossil fuels. That is exciting, but there’s still a lot to learn. Here are some facts to think about.

Solar Panels in the South of England Generate 65% of the Power they would in Central Spain

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You might think – like a lot of people do – that solar panels are only good in places that are sunny most of the time. Surprisingly, however, solar panels in the south of England actually generate about 65% of the power that the same panels could generate in Spain.

The US, Russia, China, Canada, and Brazil are the Five Top Hydropower Producers

Hydropower is a big idea when it comes to renewable energy. If you want to know who’s heading the race, the answer is the United States, Russia, China, Canada and Brazil.

It is possible to Power a Plane Solely Using Solar Energy

There are some truly exciting advancements when it comes to renewable energy, and the fact that it can power a plane is quite something. Aircraft like the Solar Impulse 2 have shown that it’s absolutely possible to fly long distances only using solar energy.

You Can Still Produce Solar Energy on a Cloudy Day

You need sunlight to produce solar energy, don’t you? Well yes, but not as much sun as you might think. The fact is that you can still produce solar energy on a cloudy day.

Although it’s less efficient, modern solar panels are designed to capture diffuse sunlight. This means that even in less-than-ideal weather conditions, you’ll have a constant source of energy to power your air source heat pumps Worcester from or another heat pump specialist.

Fossil Fuels Receive Bigger Subsidies from Governments than Renewable Energy Resources

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Now for some bad news. Although there’s a growing focus on renewable energy, fossil fuels still receive the largest government subsidies worldwide. This just shows what a challenge it is to transition to greener energy sources.

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