Olive oil has many uses when it comes to beauty

Many people have discovered that the olive oil on the kitchen shelf is not just for salads and every day cooking anymore. Olive oil has many uses when it comes to beauty. It is one of the healthiest fats we can consume. In addition, it is an oil rich in many vitamins, antioxidants, and bacteria fighting properties. This cocktail of different properties makes this oil great for beautifying the skin.

Makeup Remover
Olive oil’s gentle antibacterial properties make it a great makeup remover. It can be used to remove all the makeup from the skin and followed with a gentle cleanser. It can be used alone as well. Oil breaks down oil. This is why it’s a great choice as a makeup remover. It has the ability to kill bacteria on the surface of the skin which is also helpful in the prevention of acne. Perhaps one of the best benefits it provides is the intense moisture it delivers to the skin. It has the ability to remove makeup yet leave the skin soft and hydrated. Another benefit of using olive oil to remove your makeup is the absence of all the chemicals that are in commercial makeup removers. You won’t need to find any independent sales reps to purchase a comercial cosmetic makeup remover. Olive oil does a great job.

Soothes Irritation
Skip the commercial products when it comes to soothing itchy irritated skin. Here comes olive oil to the rescue. Olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties, thanks to a compound called oleocanthal, which olive oil is rich in. This amazing oil can be smoothed onto the skin to soothe dryness, sunburn, and other painful and uncomfortable irritations.

Antiaging Properties
One of the properties that make olive oil a true power house are the antioxidants that are found in it. Vitamin E and a whole host of polyphenols make the benefits of olive oil comparable to having an army for your skin. Antioxidants fight free radicals that can cause aging and other maladies for the skin. Olive oil can help hold back the hands of time by preventing free radicals that cause wrinkling and sagging of the skin.

Olive oil might be the cheapest but most potent beauty product that you ever buy. It can do a variety of different things to and for your skin. If you want an all natural beauty product with a variety of different uses olive oil is a great choice.

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