All About Air Compressors

An air compressor is a pneumatic machine that converts power into potential energy. It does just what its name says: compresses air! It has several uses in both industrial and non-industrial fields and comes in different sizes and types. Because of their versatility air compressors can be used for a variety of tasks, from running pneumatic tools to pumping up car tires.

Compressor Rentals

An air compressor can be used in both industrial and also in DIY projects. If you need one for your home project or short-term project, it’s easy to find air compressor rentals Jacksonville FL.
You can do so many cool things with air compressors because they are very versatile tools. Many models come with different attachments and nozzles that can be easily switched out. For example, you can blow up a car tire, bike tire, or basketball, and clean out your dryer lint filter all with the same machine.

Compressor Maintenance

The maintenance of an air compressor depends on the model. However, for the most part, they are easy to maintain. This might include occasionally tightening the bolts, making sure the hoses don’t have leaks, switching out the filter, and draining the tank. Be sure to read the user manual before attempting any of these, as compressed air can actually be dangerous if not handled correctly. In order to avoid an accident, read the manual or consult with a professional before you do any major maintenance or work on your air compressor.

Staying Safe

As with any machine, air compressors have risks. Don’t point hoses or nozzles of an air compressor at other people, and be sure to use ear and eye protection when working a compressor. Also, your tank should be drained daily after use, so that it is not continuously holding a large amount of pressurized air.

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