Home Automation Market to Increase Significantly by 2020

Market research predicts the global automation market value will increase from 5 billion USD to 21 billion USD by the year 2020. Currently, the market is dominated by North America, but Europe is expected to witness vigorous growth in household automation due to strong demand from France, Germany and the UK.

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What Is Home Automation?

It falls into four categories: lighting, safety and security, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, home audio and video, and robotics and healthcare. Safety and security have the largest application market, followed by entertainment.

Home-buyers are starting to prioritize technology in the home, and the construction industry needs to get a grip on household automation in order to maximise future profits. Consumers understand the advantages of a connected home. The home security devices and all the new technologies available will radically transform social and economic life. New homes should be designed with smart home technology integrated at the outset, providing homeowners with the necessary tools to survive the demanding lifestyles and expectations of a healthy environment.

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Market research shows that millions of devices connected to the Internet of Things will be changing people’s lives by 2020, and many of these will be in our homes. The world as we know it is transforming before our eyes with the advances in intelligent automation, autonomous vehicles and the rapid improvement in robotic technologies.

Network Technology

Networking technology is a further segment of household automation. It’s available from companies such as http://digitalinteriors.co.uk/project/home-automation-systems/, and it includes computer networks, power-line systems, wired systems and wireless systems. With more products equipped with Wi-Fi technology, wireless systems are seeing a global increase in demand.

The home of the future will have every possible gadget to enrich both your social and working life as technology begins to infiltrate every part of our lives. We already have integrated lighting, music, video, heating and security at the touch of a button or controlled through a tablet or mobile phone. You dont even have to be in your home to switch on appliances such as a cooker, washing machine, central heating and lighting, as these can be controlled from your mobile phone. All this personalised technology can only enhance your life with comfort, convenience and a feeling of well-being. The pace of technological development is becoming faster and faster.

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