Useful tips for balanced menu this Christmas

Balanced Diet for Christmas

If you do not finish even plan the dishes that make up Christmas dinner but have clear you’re looking for balanced menu this Christmas, we leave some tips that will help you achieve it.

Balance, tasty, traditional

Balance in a menu or a meal is not meaning dull, or tasty little far from traditional for this time, but can achieve a very enjoyable and at the same time, balanced dinner.

A balanced meal is one that has the right proportion of the nutrients our bodies need, therefore, it speaks not only quality but also quantity, but does not affect the taste or presentation.

Balanced Diet for Christmas
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For our menu is balanced, it is important to consider the nutrients offered by each recipe preparation or as well as if this will be a dessert, appetizer or a main course, it clearly does not consume equal amounts of a starter than a main course.

Considering this, we can achieve a balanced menu or with the right of different nutrients, this amounts to Christmas.

Tips for a balanced menu this Christmas

To start planning a balanced meal that meets all the nutrients in proper proportions, it is essential to define how many dishes will include in it.

That is, if we are to make an appetizer, starter, main course, desserts and sweets, we distribute all the nutrients from them and we can do without some nutrients in some dishes because we can cover the remaining presence.

The nutrients or yes we observe are the macro: carbohydrate, protein, fat and fiber, while we know that vitamins and minerals are present but that the greater the variety of ingredients and colors more diversity of these micronutrients has.

If we make a menu of five parts (following the previous example), we begin by deciding what or what snacks will then meet the nutritional balance in the remaining dishes.

We can also seek a balance on each plate, that is, if the appetizer we make a toast or spikes that include carbohydrates, proteins and fats, for example: a toast with salmon and vegetables or some skewers of potatoes, ham, olives and tomato, will be making all the macro-nutrients are present in a single dish.

If as a starter just put hard toast and hummus, for example, we are prioritizing the presence of fats and carbohydrates, but they lack fiber and protein that can guarantee the incoming for example, with a tasty salad that includes eggs, cheese or some meat .

And we will do so on with the rest of the dishes that make up the menu, always considering that between desserts and sweets usually have many fats and carbohydrates, so that we can reduce these nutrient intakes in the first menu.

We must also not forget the drinks also provide nutrients, so if you offer juices or drinks sweet, we must consider its contribution of carbohydrates, vitamins and / or minerals to dinner.

Finally, change the colors and ingredients is an excellent choice to balance, because if we choose as a starter a salad with vegetables and fish, maybe we can choose a main dish in which there is some cereals and red meat to compensate and so go balanced our Christmas menu.

With all these tips in mind, you’ll put together a balanced menu, very tasty, colorful and traditional for this Christmas.

Examples of balanced menu for Christmas

To avoid leaving only the tips above, I offer two examples of balanced menu for the upcoming holiday of the year:

Example 1

  • Snack: Canape of salmon, cream cheese and honey
  • Starter: Crispy cabbage salad with persimmon and Granada
  • Main course: Roast lamb with thyme with baked potatoes
  • Dessert: Mini pavlovas with lemon curd and berries
  • Sweets: Crunchy nougat chocolate and coconut biscuits with blueberry jam

Example 2

  • Appetizer: Dumplings apple, walnuts and cheese
  • Starter: Shrimp bisque
  • Main course: Roast beef with Moroccan-style rice
  • Dessert: Sorbet tangerines and Granada
  • Sweets: Marquesas and easy heart chocolates with hazelnut marzipan

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