Could Cold Press Juices Be the Sports Drink of the Future?

A new organic cold press juice has taken the US fitness market by storm by bridging a gap between sports drinks and supplements and providing workout enthusiasts with a natural, healthy alternative.

Could Cold Press Juices Be the Sports Drink of the Future

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The WellWell cold press supplement could signify an important shift in what we drink after exercise.

What Are Sports Drinks?

Sports drinks, as opposed to everyday refreshments, are designed to rehydrate during and after sporting activities and fitness workouts. They often contain electrolytes, caffeine or concentrated nutrients. These are very different to drinks such as post mix syrups (used to create fizzy drinks for pubs or restaurants), fruit juices, flavoured water or milkshakes.

Traditional Sports Drinks

Once upon a time, sports drinks were simply beverages that were bright in colour and offered little in the way of nutrition. These fizzy drinks had all the things in them that we now know we shouldnt be putting into our bodies, like sugar and unnatural chemicals. Traditional sports drinks come with the labels isotonic, hypertonic or hypotonic, which relate to how much sugar and salt they contain. These types of sports drinks have been criticised about whether they actually do much good in comparison to a glass of water.

Sports drinks are not, however, the same as energy drinks, which are very popular products in the UK that can also be purchased as a post mix syrup to serve in pubs or restaurants.

The Benefits of Cold Press Juice

Whats different about WellWell cold press drinks is that they are designed to provide a shot of natural goodness. These drinks were created by Simon Schultz, who had the idea when he was training hard himself and wanted something which helped his body recover but which wasnt an unnatural supplement. In a sense, this tiny 12-oz drink is arguably more of a supplement than a sports drink. While you can buy a post mix syrup at Empire UK or a fruit juice from your local newsagent, these new WellWell drinks are only currently available from shops such as Whole Foods.

Having become an established success in the USA, its only a matter of time until these new cold press juice supplements could be the new face of sports drinks in the UK.

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