Four Ways to Reduce Christmas Spending

If you are worrying about the finances of the festive season, here are four ways to reduce your spending and have a good Christmas…

Secret Santa – This is a great way to save money and have some fun too! Instead of buying presents for everyone in the family, organise a secret Santa where there is a set budget, and one person gets to buy for another. This way, you can just get that person what they really want, whether it is that irish flat cap for your outdoor loving dad, or the computer game for your cousin!

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Natural Décor – Go back to traditions of yesteryear and make decorations from festive foliage. You can also ditch the electric fairy lights in favour of traditional candles in festive scents or opt for solar lights to put outside for that Christmas sparkle, without the huge electricity bill!

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Buy Second Hand and Preloved – As well as being a good way to help the environment, this is also a good way to get what you want without it costing a fortune. Online sites, charity shops and car boot sales are all good places to pick up a bargain, and with cheaper prices, Christmas shopping can be done without breaking the bank!

Plan in Advance – Leaving everything until the last minute normally causes us to overspend. Planning well in advance will help you to look out for offers and discounts, as well as giving you time to budget and plan what to get for people. This way you avoid those expensive, last minute impulse purchases.

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