5 Colors that Bring Elegance to Your Interior Designs

After you have dealt with building your home, and after the roofing contractors in Minneapolis have called it finished, and your home is perfect, its time to do some DIY interior design with colors and schemes. In terms of interior designs, your color palette can make or break the look of your home. So, to add an air of sophistication and elegance, consider the following 6 colors in your dcor choices.

Champagne [Gold and White]

Champagne. The word itself rolls off your tongue with an elegance that fizzles and pops like delightful little bubbles. Interior design-wise, this color is a mixture of gold and white tones, swirled together to create a pleasing aesthetic that both contrasts and complements the natural light in your home.

Light Pink

This color, much like the delicate gowns of a classic princess, is refined and eloquent. It has a feminine touch that could be called graceful, but it could beautifully offset darker tones too, such as black, navy blue, or deep purple. Most often used in the bedrooms and nurseries of little girls, this color would also be a fantastic, subtle tone for a big bathroom.

Black and White

These colors are classics. Black and white is what you think about when you think of checkerboards and sophisticated chess matches. However, with interior design, these colors are best as never-mixed solids. Never fall for the hypnotic, tacky swirls of black and white dcor. Instead use chunks of each solid color through your homea black throw pillow here, a thick white blanket there, and so on.

Robins Egg Blue

This shade of blue is so rich and vibrant that it couldnt be anything but elegant. It has a nature-made quality, thanks to the real robins eggs that the color is named for. So, in essence, you are bringing a beautiful piece of nature into your home. Splash it on the walls with offsets of sunflower yellow in your accentsperfection.

Teal and Coral

These colors represent some of the tones in the ocean. You have coral for the pinks of nature-made, underwater stone. And you have teal for the blue of sun-drenched waters. You could include these colors in a nautical theme, especially in a beach house, complete with seashell accents and an ocean breeze from open windows.

Colors make a huge difference in your home dcor. Elegance-wise, colors can definitely help, but the cleanliness of your rooms is a big factor to. Make sure each room is well-organized and tidy to present an air of sophistication and care that flows well with your design palette.

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