What should be the ideal city car?

Toyota Aygo

Are you looking for a car to visit the city each day? You need a car that is agile, small on the outside but very capable, fun, efficient, and which is connected to the latter. Moreover, if it makes better highlight.

For everyday use in an urban environment, you need a small car, but only from outside. A car segment under 3.5 meters long, to come into tight spaces and finds no bend or twist too far.

Small but well used inside for four adults and a trunk in which you fit the last shopping or two travel bags for weekend escape. You need more than 150 liters, so you had better have the actual 168-liter Toyota Aygo.

Toyota Aygo
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In the city the design becomes important

The competitiveness of the streets of a big city is fierce, if you get credibility you have to demarcate and get noticed. Cars do not turn heads soft forms and pass them unnoticed and you become invisible. A design with strong personality keeps you in the center of attention.

Now it is difficult to achieve with so many new cars as similar to each other, using feline headlights and copying itself to a multitude of details as large trapezoidal grilles or very horizontal taillights.

Urban customer will enjoy a fresh design style of Toyota Aygo, with an imposing front in X based on Japanese calligraphy and catanas of ninja. Cross lines and edges are happening around the car and it is groundbreaking and unique.

The ability to customize the image increases the differentiation of a car from the crowd and the Toyota Aygo, with three lines with different character design and customization packs for exterior and interior, the chances grow unique feel.

The initial finish which basic- not called X-play and features 7-inch multimedia screen, manual climate control, steering wheel controls, LED daytime lights or alloy wheels, with X design in front in contrasting color. Finishing X-cite out with its two-tone bodywork and special tires, while the sophisticated style puts the X-clusiv, more elegant tones and technology as automatic headlights reaching or automatic climate control.

Toyota will offer different special editions over the life of the model, as the new X-cite in deep blue.

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Responsive engine from standstill

In the city, it needed engines that respond well from low revs due to the constant torn from standstill and the usual low-speed driving. A car power at very high returns or does not offer nearly push until the action of a turbo begins to deliver about 2,000 rpm is very uncomfortable in town.

The engines that are more responsive at low engine speeds are the atmospheric gas that should not wait for a turbo help them push the car with only rings around the vehicle and responds well in low speed.

For this reason we have designed a motor fuel atmospheric three-cylinder 1-liter Toyota Aygo, with which it moves easily and always available thrust both limited to 30 km / h as intercity roads 70 km / streets h or more.

Three better than two … And four

By having the engine 69 hp three-cylinder Aygo, they are bigger than an engine of the same displacement four-cylinder each generates more torque, so the high speed are not necessary to enjoy thrust. Other manufacturers are betting on two cylinders or four, but need the complication of turbo in one case or less efficient displacements up to 1.2 liters in the other to deliver the same power.

Immediate delivery of engine torque Aygo reduces the need for much change and the driver gets a feeling of having an engine always prepared. This is not high performance, but performance ready at all times.

Simplicity and efficiency

A naturally aspirated engine gives you another very useful advantage in the city. Its simplicity, without mechanisms boost, extra cooling or treatment is complicated antipollution relief these days. On the streets, with constant changes of pace and short trips, no other combustion engine gives you more reliability than a simple atmospheric gasoline engine. Quite technology, injection and variable valve timing to improve efficiency.

In addition, the efficiency is also needed in town. With constant stops and starts, it is the scene where a car consumes more fuel. This is the reason that the city cars are smaller, lighter and smaller engines. The three-cylinder engine of 998 cm3 of Toyota Aygo re-emphasizes in this regard, because the thrust delivered without high speed or without expensive and intake systems escape may approve a consumption city 5.0 liters per 100 km and 4.1 liters in combined, emitting only 95g km of CO2 and getting rid of the registration tax for low emissions.

In addition, the benefits continue. Having no turbo and other complicated elements, the engine is lighter, makes the car cheaper, less costly to maintain and fewer parts that can cause problems during its lifetime.

Nimble in traffic

If not nimble in traffic is not a city car. The city driving should be simple and lightweight, always ready for quick changes of direction to get into free slots or switch lanes quickly. Rarely flowing speed maintained in a city. A car with a quick steering, a clever front end and needed ready for the changes of direction chassis. The small size will give you a short turning diameter, which combined with the lightness, with only 915 kg in the case of the Aygo, makes the Buzzard city car, live and even fun to drive.

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Good access

In town, there are many paths and short. Getting in and out of the car right becomes an absolute necessity. Having hatchback in a car 3.45 meters ensures you an easy entrance to each of the four seats. In addition, the Aygo offers a three-door version for the more independent driver.


The urban driver needs to stay connected in the time spent in the vehicle. Connected, but without lifting your hands from the wheel. You have to choose cars with Bluetooth and phone control and integrated multimedia functions on the steering wheel as standard Aygo offers. And to see everything clearly better multimedia screen placed in the raised position, tactile and intuitive menus and offers the X-Touch system is also standard on every Aygo.

Travelers appreciate the MirrorLink system to replicate the mobile applications on the screen and can choose the system will incorporate X-Nav navigation. If travel is in the company, you can be mounted on Toyota Hotspot WiFi system inside the car.http://spottingit.com/visit here for more news and reviews.

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