A cable for charging and backing up your smartphone at the same time


Performing backups of our information should be quick and simple; therefore, some companies have developed methods to perform this task automatically without user intervention. Here we also find a lot of applications and programs that we provide support to our information, but the number of options and configurations available, sometimes makes this a real headache.

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In the case of smartphones it gets tricky, since many of the backups are performed in the cloud, not in a physical device, which comes to cause mistrust in some users. But now we know a new project that offers us a backup of the information on our smartphone through a cable that charges your device at the same time.

Meem, charging cable and supports

Meem is currently a project seeking funding Kickstarter, and is a good idea for people who forget to backup your smartphone. It is a cable,available USB connection and micro Lightning, which offers the possibility of charging the battery of our device to a maximum of 2.8A, but at the same time, makes a backup of our information.

The cable has a length of 1.2 meters, but the magic is that it incorporates a module with a eMMC v5.1 flash memory, this memory can be 16 or 32 GB and has a transfer rate of 3 to 4 MB per second.It is compatible with iOS 7 and Android 4.1.2.

The tricky part is that we will need to download a mobile application, which will be used to manage the content of backups, as well as what we will support. According to its creators, the idea is to keep Meem valuable information we have on our smartphone, so that if we lose our device, we can always retrieve this information, so do not depend on an Internet connection or computer.

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In the case of iOS, we can back up our contacts, calendars, photos and videos, but Android the option to save messages and music adds. Another difference between the two platform is Android backups are used to transfer information between Symbian and Blackberry devices, while iOS is compatible only with another iOS device.

The price of Meem is between $56 and $ 78, depending on the storage capacity you choose, deliveries are scheduled for the month of March this year and shipments are anywhere in the world. The goal pursued to finance this project is 50,000 pounds, and as I write this now exceeded 30,000 and still have 21 days left. Visit Rewardprice.comfor more details.

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