These are the new TVs medium-low range that Philips has prepared for 2016

Philips TVs medium low range

Philips has just introduced three interesting new TV medium-low, mid-range or as look, belonging to the series 4000 and 5000. This is the models 4101, 5211 and 5501, to reach the market in the second quarter 2016.

The three screens are characterized by a Full-HD resolution, more than enough for diagonal sizes offered, and some advanced features that were previously only found in high-end models of the brand.

Philips TVs medium low range
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Philips 5211

The new 5211 is a compact TV with a diagonal of 24 inches only designed with a sober look to match any decor you have at home, especially designed for the kitchen, nursery, or dining room.

It has a Bluetooth speaker integrated into the base, which is capable of providing an output of 16 watts. Why do we use? As to send, music content from the phone or tablet without having to have the display on. In addition, it is also designed as a computer monitor, so it is a kind of three in one system (TV, monitor and wireless speaker).

Philips TVs medium low range
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Philips 5501

Next on the list, it is the 5501 a model based on Android TV that uses a dual-core processor to handle the Philips Smart TV platform and will come in sizes of 32, 40, 43 and 49 inches.

Engine uses image processing Pixel Plus HD brand to improve the clarity and contrast of video clips and comes in a slim design with silver frame.

Philips TVs medium low range
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Philips 4101

Finally, it has also presented the model 4101, a TV that will come in sizes of 32, 40 and 48 inches and uses technology Digital Crystal Clear to enhance sharpness and Microdetail in Full-HD images.

Promises improved compared to equivalent models from previous years, more natural colors and contrast improvement in the fluidity of sequences in motion. All this from a simple design with slim frame in black color.

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Price and Availability

The three new televisions lower-middle range of Philips will be available in market from May to June this year at prices yet to be confirmed, but taking into account the specifications will probably not exceed 1000 dollars, depending on the diagonal elected.

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