Six environmental benefits of solar panels

We all know that solar panels are better for the environment than many other methods of energy production, but how exactly are they an environmentally friendly option?

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Solar panels produce clean energy

Solar panels leverage the photovoltaic process to produce energy without the combustion of fossil fuels such as oil and gas or the production of harmful greenhouse gases such as methane and carbon dioxide.

Solar panels indirectly reduce carbon emissions

Power plants that use fossil fuels are huge producers of CO2. If you start generating your own clean and renewable energy, you will contribute to decreased demand for fossil fuel-generated energy.

Solar panels lead to energy independence

Solar panels are an excellent way to become energy self-sufficient, as you won’t need to use energy from the National Grid to power your home.

Solar panels can contribute to grid decentralisation

It is now possible to connect solar installations to the grid, which minimises the need to transmit energy over long distances. In turn, this reduces the carbon emissions and unnecessary energy loss that stems from the transmission of energy.

Solar panels can be carbon neutral within three years

Although there are emissions and energy costs associated with the manufacture, transportation and installation of solar panels, most systems will become carbon neutral in just three years. Systems have a lifespan of between 20 and 25 years and will consistently generate power with minimal carbon emissions.

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Solar panels further offset carbon emissions

As many homes with solar panels generate more electricity than they are consuming, this surplus energy can be fed back into the grid to offset emissions from other households using other forms of power generation.

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