Toyota 86, interior and equipment try this little devil of the road

Toyota 86

Today, the Toyota 86 is one of the best cars that could be framed in that spectrum of fun-car that few reach. Clearly focused leisure and fun vehicles, but do not give up a few levels of minimum habitability they make a usable everyday car.

The GT86 has a wonderful bipolarity to be sometimes useful, sweet, calm and rational car that can go to work every day without us breaking the back and other times a real devil between curves that leaves an aftertaste spicy once we returned home. But not anticipate events, today we will talk first about what the GT86, inside and out.

Toyota 86
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Clean and sober for dynamic body

The first thing that strikes us around to see the little Toyota 86 are its forms. In recent years, immersed in a global crisis that have opted for rationality, by setting aside the excesses and the downsizingthe GT86 is a breath of fresh air for those looking for a vehicle that is more than a conveyance.

The GT86 is a breath of fresh air for those looking for a vehicle that is more than a means of transport

If only we just look surface and we realize that the guidelines that have followed the design have not been that of a conventional car, not even a platform adapted to a more sporty use.

Starting at the front, which features a long hood (made of aluminum to lower the center of gravity), we have a sharp front lines pointing insistently. Headlights, ribs engine cover, housings fog lamp and to the end of itself hood where Toyota emblem is placed. Each element seems to reveal its intentions.

Within the span we discovered a propeller that encourages a very low center of gravity. The four-cylinder engine adopts a boxer with horizontal cylinder arrangement; two to each side of the crankshaft scheme, with the naturally aspirated 2.0 is able to offer a good 200 horsepower maximum.

The configuration engine boxer four-cylinder two-liter engine capable of producing 200 horsepower maximum

No turbo or need to. It’s a car you want to prop your emotions based on simple elements but effective. Frills only found as the VSC stability control (with Sport mode) and TRC traction control, otherwise the manual transmission and rear differential help us enjoy pure driving in full swing.

As we look back moving the lines flow harmoniously and without fanfare, but by checking muscle. The wheel arches are very prominent front bulge hood and rear mark a high waistline where he died and the C-pillar, that surpasses even the lower horizontal line of the windows. Windows, of course, have no frame and die with another small glass area behind a small pillar B.

If we move now and look behind us we will find something radically different. The rear area has been cut katana and ends almost vertically under a small sharp spoiler that crowns the trunk lid. In the lower part we find two generous tailpipes, one on each side of the diffuser, which put the icing on the set along with some aluminum alloy wheels in 17-inch two-tone finish.

It would have been very easy to fall into excess designing the exterior of a car like the Toyota 86, but the end result has been very successful. Aggressiveness, style and simplicity all in perspective. You might have a bolder image, but this is a perfect midpoint to please everyone and not scare anyone.

A carrier focused on the pure enjoyment

Without removing the hand from your pocket, with the control / unblock key central locking, we throw the handle and slightly lower window to allow opening of the door. This is quite large, and thanks goodness, because we have to jump into that crouch and contort a bit hip.

Once inside things change. Although the position to take very center of the car enough space, even in height is still room for taller people. The seats are sporty cut and once placed inside you’ll be immobilized forever. They are longitudinally adjustable, vertically and in inclination, and they are heated.

Once we have our position containment encourages us after a command post that’s all an ultimatum for who can read between the lines. No pretense whatsoever, everything is simple and is on hand to lead you to focus on and enjoy. Without being distracted with ornaments.

The steering wheel is small with a perfect thickness and protuberances placed in the perfect place to grab firmly. Behind him, a panel of three spheres that contain speed, rpm, fuel level, engine temperature and three small screens (speed, gear position, thrips and some information). We found near the steering wheel knob rafter, and very close also the handbrake lever. So your hands do not have to waste time on unnecessary journeys.

The rest of the dashboard is designed under the same premise of simplicity and purity that governs the GT86. In the middle we have the entertainment system with a color touch screen (this model equipped with the optional GPS), and below the air conditioning controls and pushbutton / boot.

The leather upholstery and Alcantara also part of optional equipment, but the finishes are spectacular. The entire interior is covered with a very dark black which highlight the numerous red stitching to match the body.

Despite being a coupe 2 + 2 configuration in the rear seats they are not a testimonial. You can place a seat for a child or carry a passenger sporadically if we take the seats forward to leave some room for your legs.

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