Should I buy or lease a car?

When it’s time for a new set of wheels, you’ll want to consider your options carefully. After all, purchasing a vehicle can be a significant financial commitment. But could car leasing in Bristol be a better option?

The cost of buying a car has risen over recent years, for used cars as well as brand new models. For example, Autotrader highlights that the average price of a second-hand car is now more than £17,000.

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Enjoy the latest model

This can mean that choosing car leasing Bristol may work out to be more cost-effective, particularly if you like to drive the newest cars. Choosing a specialist such as will give you access to a superb selection of vehicles. And they all come with peace of mind from knowing that they will have been serviced regularly.

You won’t need to pay a big chunk of cash upfront, either. When you lease a car, you’ll pay a deposit and then make monthly payments. Any repairs that are required during your lease period will be covered by the car’s warranty, helping you to stay within control of your budget. One disadvantage, however, can be the mileage restrictions that often accompany a car leasing agreement.

Opting to own

Of course, if you lease a car, you’ll have to give it back once the agreement ends, and many prefer to buy a car so that they have the option to sell it or trade it in later. This chance to recoup the investment makes car ownership a more attractive option for some drivers, especially those who are happy with the same car for many years. However, whilst you won’t be subjected to mileage restrictions, you will be liable for any repairs or MOTs that the vehicle requires.

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