• keep a family together

    How to keep a family together?

    To create bonds of family unity, communication is essential. Parents and children should create confidence pillars to ensure stability at home, it is important that there is harmony among all members, from the smallest to the most adult integrating the family business. Respect for family members, begins to form from small, our children must begin […]

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  • Perfect family

    The tyranny of the perfect family

    No matter where you look, school, television, movies, blogs, etc.Look at where you look there will always be one to tell you what is right or wrong, what to do as a mother or father, because what matters is how you see others, how is your family in their eyes, the tyranny of Perfect family. […]

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  • Keep your family together

    Tips to keep the family together

    It is very important that the family is united to create a quality within where we can give the best education to our children. Imagine the damage to developing them, a broken home, where only discussions, lack of love between parents, etc. It is very important to follow a series of tips to help keep the family […]

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