Family stress: When the family drowns?

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Family stress does not have to come only by the blood link, so we must also learn to manage these emotions with other close ones, as friends or colleagues.

Family stress is the most commonly affects people after work. The relationships we have with our partners, children and close relatives sometimes put us in very complex situations that do not really know how to approach.

A cultural idea that everyone has taught us is that “the family is always there for us, which is our first and utmost concern”. Now a fact to consider is that to build an intense and enriching personally link, sometimes, it is not necessary to have a genetic component.

Family is anyone able to exercise significant role of mother, father, brother… One aspect that is also worth remembering is that we should all be good emotional managers. Pillars as respect, understanding, reciprocity and personal growth are details that can help us a lot to strengthen our family relationships.

Family and family stress: The complex paradigm of emotional well-being

This is an idea traditionally maintained throughout our history is that the family is the paradigm of emotional well-being. An image like this can sometimes assume high personal problems in situations such as abuse, personal annulment, criticism or selfishness.

Said Friedrich Schiller that is the heart and not the flesh and blood that makes us family, and this is all that should attend.

The fact of not being happy, that violate us and no respect for the established link can be traumatic. It is in these more extreme and harmful situations when we will take more serious decisions, such as keeping distances and to heal the wounded prioritization link.

However, the most common that we can deal with most regularly in our daily life, these situations are based on family stress. We love ours, and we want is our priority but sometimes, our relations are very complicated. So how we can manage these situations of stress or anxiety?

What you want, what I want?

There are people who see the world through a pair of very limited vision. Their field of interaction is so narrow that only cover their own needs, their own opinions, judgments and assessments.

  • To combat family stress need to reach a balance between what you want and what I want, between what we both need and allowing us to get a good welfare.
  • Achieving this is not easy, it requires high involvement, will and a clear desire to build, not looking exclusively for oneself.

Emotional exhaustion

Emotional exhaustion as their main source investing a lot and get very little in return. Sometimes, we give up a lot to serve our parents, bring happiness to our partners and provide the best for our children.

This is undoubtedly correct. Now if any of these people brings us these investments with contempt, bad words or egotism, we will be injured.

To cope with family stress and emotional exhaustion have to invest in others but also in ourselves. Make it clear that you also need respect affection, consideration and reciprocity.

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Failures of others are little tolerated

Did you ever happen? Some people have a critical eye to point out our shortcomings or our failures, but in turn have an exceptional art to obviate our virtues or efforts.

When we only point out our mistakes, in the end, we can come to believe that everything we do wrong. We must not “fall” in these situations where violates our self-esteem. Do not do it.

The family has every right to say anything that does not do well, but without judgment. At the same time, every healthy relationship should know propitiate turn the emotional strength of the beloved, supporting, giving us strength and encouragement.

For whoever violates, it hurts and creates distance.

When we forget the emotional responses and positive words

This dimension is associated in turn with the previous idea. Something we should never forget is that positive reinforcement allows us to connect with others and strengthen the bond to provide security for the person.

Every child needs to grow these emotional responses, like every mother, father or brother; and since you offer with the freedom and happiness, no doubt also the need to also receive from others.

Personal Spaces

All happy and healthy family dynamics should be able to respect the personal space of all its members. That personal that freedom also helps us invest in family relationship itself.

Share quality time

One way to combat family stress is “off”, change routines and breaks those habits that sometimes we fall where the burden ends up appearing, fatigue, anxiety and reproaches…

When was the last time you shared quality time with your family? Think about it; try to do new things, a tour, a relaxed meeting in the field… Break routines is undoubtedly a great way to cope with stress.

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