Vive la France – but fill up your tank before you head there

All motorists who are journeying to France are being encouraged to fill up their tanks before they venture there, due to the ongoing fuel shortages that have been caused by industrial action.

Vive la France

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According to the RAC, long queues are developing at petrol stations that have fuel, while sourcing fuel in some parts of the country is becoming extremely difficult.

Be prepared to queue

Even those who are guaranteed car finance in Portsmouth are being urged to fill up at every possible opportunity prior to their journey into France. One RAC spokesman, Simon Peevers, said that visitors should be prepared to queue if they need fuel while they are there.

The fuel shortage has been caused by blockades in cities and towns and on bridges and motorways due to disputes over labour reforms. This has caused severe delays to tankers trying to get to petrol stations and has left many panic buying fuel.

Initially, the shortages were just affecting northern areas of France but this has now started to impact all other regions of the country.

No need to cancel

Despite these ongoing issues in France, the RAC has advised travellers that they need not cancel their trip there, but just need to be prepared. Drivers are also being advised to make sure they have sufficient fuel to get home and if they dont, they should stay where they are.

Simon Williams from the RAC urges all customers to fill up just before they cross over the Channel, as P&O Ferries are only allowing passengers to take 5 litres of spare fuel on board.

With the Green Flag experiencing a 14 per cent rise in fuel breakdowns reported by their customers in France, all drivers, including ones guaranteed car finance in Portsmouth through need to be mindful when travelling to France.

The AAs international travel spokeswoman, Rosie Sanderson, warned travellers not to seek the cheaper prices of petrol in France, as they could run the risk of running out during their journey with some stations having no fuel left. She also recommended economy driving to preserve fuel.

With the RAC already advising that they are unable to help their customers find fuel and with the AA also adding their own warnings, drivers should take additional precautions when travelling to affected areas.

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