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Family stress: When the family drowns?

Family stress does not have to come only by the blood link, so we must also learn to manage these emotions with other close ones, as friends or colleagues.

Family stress is the most commonly affects people after work. The relationships we have with our partners, children and close relatives sometimes put us in very complex situations that do not really know how to approach.

A cultural idea that everyone has taught us is that “the family is always there for us, which is our first and utmost concern”. Now a fact to consider is that to build an intense and enriching personally link, sometimes, it is not necessary to have a genetic component.

Family is anyone able to exercise significant role of mother, father, brother… One aspect that is also worth remembering is that we should all be good emotional managers. Pillars as respect, understanding, reciprocity and personal growth are details that can help us a lot to strengthen our family relationships.

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