How to organize holidays without children

Oraganize a Holiday

Is it possible to go on vacation without the children and not feel guilt? Of course! Learn some tips to organize.

Family Vacations organizing and childless

Many marriages do not decide to go on vacation without the children not to feel guilt, and this need not be so. It is true that will be missed, but also good occasionally do things without children are around us.

Oraganize a Holiday
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Family vacations are fun, nobody can deny. But … how long you have with your partner are not alone? You’ve lost count! To prevent the wear routine is always good to do some solo breaks. Sure grandparents, uncles or even nanny can take care of the kids without problems.

More and more couples decide to organize vacation without the children, in search of tranquility, romance and strengthen the bond again. Guilt can invade the insurance principle and will miss their offspring; however, there are so many advantages to marriage level worth making the attempt.

Benefits of vacation without the children

There are many advantages of organizing vacation without children, but the most common are:

Reunited with the couple: A trip alone can strengthen the bonds that were lost with the monotony and obligations. It is a reminder that you are a couple, and a family, and can enjoy many honeymoons as they wish. They enrich their relationship and roughness that were produced with the arrival of children.

Find oneself: Especially women when they have children put aside their needs to focus on what children need. It is likely to have forgotten what they are, what they like to do, what gives them pleasure, etc.

Back to be “boyfriends” or “Newlyweds” Very Gone are those days when the obligations were minor and did not care meet schedules or that there is always food in the fridge, which went for walks every weekend, they were to the movies, out to dinner or the theater. To go on vacation without the children will recover some experiences of that time.

Enjoy a different trip: You can perform all activities forbidden for young children, as do adventure tourism, diving, zip lining, para sailing, bungee jumping and all that you have always wanted.

Put aside the routine: The full schedule of tasks, the appointment with the doctor, with the teacher, the English classes or take the kids to soccer, work, make dinner, go to the market, everything is clean … forgets to organize vacation without the children.

Back refurbished: If the stress is already taking its toll on his life, a journey of a few days is perfect to “refresh” the mind and relax the body. A good weekend on a beach or in a spa hotel is all that parents today need.

7 tips for organizing holidays without children

With the reasons we have given above, you will be safe and arming pack. Until you start thinking about your children and what kind of mother / father is. Do not let guilt overcome you! Pay attention to these tips to go on vacation without the children and without feeling bad:

  1. Leave them in the care of someone special or important: It has to be not only a person of trust for parents, but children who bring with wonders.Then you will know you are in good hands and that they are spending more than good.
  2. Select a person “backup”: For any problems that may occur, such as a friend of the family, a neighbor, someone to trust. This will leave more relaxed and able to go on vacation without feeling guilty.
  3. Make a drill before going on holiday without children: Often, children are much attached to their mothers or fathers and have difficulty separating them.A few days before the trip, let start with the person who will take care of them for a few hours (go to the market, beauty salon, to buy clothes for the holidays, etc). Thus, both small you not notice the change.
  4. Try to get your children to stay home: If besides not having their parents close up have to sleep in someone else’s house to them (rather than know or have gone many times), it is more likely to be surprised and do not feel well.As a result, you will return before and “learn the lesson” never leave without thinking more children. It is also good that the kids do not change their routines or schedules. Leave scored all you do and the estimated time.
  5. Leave the hotel scored: Among other important phone numbers (medical services, pediatrician, fire, police, support person, etc), it is necessary that the person responsible for caring for children have all the data where they will be staying.
  6. Let not lacking anything: A few days before, filled the refrigerator, freezer and pantry with all the food to be consumed during your absence (and additional things). You can even leave a provided for each day and precise indications of allowed or licenses menu.
  7. Call home several times: While they are outside the home, do not hesitate to call them on the phone every night, so not only will ensure that they are well, but also demonstrate to the children that they have not forgotten them.

With these tips, they will put aside the guilt and you can enjoy the time with friends. Go on vacation without the children there is nothing wrong!

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