Moving your Elderly Relative into your Home

For some elderly people, moving in with their children can be the best option for them. Whether they are having difficulties with vision or mobility, or perhaps they have a degenerative health condition such as dementia. For some, it may be that they have lost their spouse and are feeling lonely or isolated. There are a wide range of reasons why this situation may arise.

If you are considering moving your elderly parent into your home, there are some things that you should consider beforehand to ensure that both the people who live there and the person moving in are happy…

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Many people need extra room in their home and it is a good idea to make more space – the ideal solution is to have an area in the home that they have as their own and can retreat to for quiet when they need it. You may want to look at having an extension – speak to someone like this house extensions Solihull based company to help you.

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Consider the additional needs that the person may have and how you can make sure that you home is suitable. Maybe this may mean adding in wheelchair ramps for access or perhaps some handrails to help with getting in and out the bath or along corridors to help prevent a fall.

Bring items from their home such as personal things and mementos like pictures and photographs to put up and to make them feel at home and comfortable in their surroundings.

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