The tyranny of the perfect family

Perfect family

No matter where you look, school, television, movies, blogs, etc.Look at where you look there will always be one to tell you what is right or wrong, what to do as a mother or father, because what matters is how you see others, how is your family in their eyes, the tyranny of Perfect family.

Does anyone feel identified with the type family shown us in society?Because there are two types of family, that perfect family, with children who never bother, always well dressed and of course, almost needless to say anything because they are as if they divided that is what they want their parents even before they say it and on the other hand we have families, usually numerous, kids screaming, jumping, bother and never know how to behave with parents who are saturated and giving to understand that they should never have children.Yeah, that’s what they sell, or are you one or the other and who want to be in hell?

Perfect family
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You have to be a parent or a perfect mother to be happy

Sure, we all have in mind those perfect families who sit at breakfast time on white tables with dishes, have noticed that in those houses all the dishes and glasses belong to the same dishes?Not that glass recycling cocoa cream of Angry Birds, or that decorated plate of a certain brand of cereal, cup “the best father” or “mother is the best”, the tablecloths have neither a stain , not to say that either have not a wrinkle, no one has sleep and gets up with a smile from ear to ear.I get up, I get to the kitchen and see a table like this and certainly scare me awake (because it is clear that the house is not mine)

It is assumed that if you are a parent you should like all aspects of parenting and but for what you are?No, there are things about parenting that do not have to like it, there is no question that everything is perfect and color pink, fatherhood has its roses, black, red, green, etc. moments because it is the group which ultimately compensate.

If you want to be happy do what I say

From the moment, you become parents everyone around you becomes an expert in pediatrics which of course has many better ideas than you, because the ideas of others always work, how rare it is that your children do not make.Be they are rare, right?

No,there is no single way of doing things well and what works even your children (who work side you will find the trick) does not have to work with the children of others.

Parents, workers, spouses, leisure monitors, personal assistants cook

You can not be a parent or a perfect mother if you do not work outside the home and pick up the children, you take them to one or two school classes while you purchase photographs each of the things that make your children, you come home, you prepare dinner, bath, homework, stories, upload images to any social network, you prepare for the costume party and a cake small exceeding the previous blueberry I took the mother of another girl last week.

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At what point this has become paternity in a competition?Since when to be happy with my family I must be the best parent school?This is no competition, there is no prize at the end, in fact, the award will give it first, they are your children, do not forget.

We sell happiness is in the products they sell in the holiday resorts that to be a good mother or father must give them this or that product and compete against this is very complicated.Our mission is to teach our children to be happy valuing the here and now,a smile, a touch, to enjoy being children, because after all only going to be kids once.

Enjoy your children, but also your partner, family,together, time to regale yourself from time to time because no matter that everything is perfect, just that is to our liking.Remember that the best you. Visit more like this article.

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