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Perfect family

The tyranny of the perfect family

No matter where you look, school, television, movies, blogs, etc.Look at where you look there will always be one to tell you what is right or wrong, what to do as a mother or father, because what matters is how you see others, how is your family in their eyes, the tyranny of Perfect family.

Does anyone feel identified with the type family shown us in society?Because there are two types of family, that perfect family, with children who never bother, always well dressed and of course, almost needless to say anything because they are as if they divided that is what they want their parents even before they say it and on the other hand we have families, usually numerous, kids screaming, jumping, bother and never know how to behave with parents who are saturated and giving to understand that they should never have children.Yeah, that’s what they sell, or are you one or the other and who want to be in hell?

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