Why Double Glazing Is So Important When It Comes to Glass Selection

When youre selecting glass for your windows, its easy to imagine that it doesnt really matter what kind of glass you get. After all, its a window – if it lets us see out and lets light in, its pretty much done its job, hasnt it?

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In point of fact, thats about 5% of what a double glazed window does. The other 95% consists of the amazing effect that double glazing can have on the comfort, enjoyment and economy you get from your investment. The Thisismoney website lists double glazing at the top of its tips for increasing the value of your home.

Whats So Different About Double-Glazed Glass?

Double glazing consists of two panes of glass that have a cavity between them. That cavity can be filled with air or a harmless gas. Obviously, the whole window unit has to be securely sealed to keep the air inside the window.

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The first thing you notice is the noise reduction. Cars roaring down the road, horns blaring, kids screaming, that annoying barbecue party next door, someone using a strimmer for hours on end – close the window and they cease to exist, because while light can get through the window, sound cant.

However, make sure that you use a supplier of uPVC windows in Dublin such as http://www.keanewindows.ie/uPVC-windows.html, which has a good range of styles to choose from. You will finish up with a window that perfectly complements the style of your home.

Warmer, Cooler and Quieter

Most people know that double glazing keeps the cold out, eliminates draughts and keeps heat in. So its great in winter or if you live in a windy part of town. But it also keeps the house cooler in summer, because it doesnt transmit the suns heat into the house in the same way ordinary glass windows can.

Theres also a great benefit in the fact that double-glazed windows can be used over much larger spaces than glass. So you can have a picture window which will flood the room with light. If you have a great view from one of your rooms, it deserves this treatment. But your picture window could equally well feature your own garden or a cityscape – its all possible with the amazing flexibility of double-glazed windows.

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