Using Your Summerhouse in Winter

You might think that you have to take the name summerhouse literally and its only something you can make use during the warmer weather. This isnt true though as a summerhouse can be a wonderful addition to the garden at any time of year. Here are some ideas for enjoying a summerhouse whatever the season:

  • A summerhouse is the perfect spot for grabbing some blankets and engaging in a bit of star gazing. Make up some hot chocolate and marshmallows and use your summerhouse as an excuse to get outside even in winter when the sky can be stunningly beautiful.
  • Use your summerhouse as place to hang feeders and then you can sit back and watch the different wildlife that visits your garden. You can create your own autumn watch, identifying the various seasonal birds and other animals that will come right up to your summerhouse. Perhaps you could get into photography and discover a new talent!
  • Installing your summerhouse as a central focal point of your garden, integrated with the overall design of the rest of your garden will also encourage you to use your summerhouse much more. Think about incorporating paths, arches and walkways to make walking to your summerhouse even more special. For Summer Houses Northern Ireland, visit

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  • Decorate your summerhouse for Christmas, it will look amazing when strung with fairy lights. You can turn a summerhouse into your own personal Christmas grotto, leaving more clear space inside your home. Real log burners can also be installed in summerhouses, if you take the proper safety steps. A log burner adds a real cosy, festive atmosphere and you wont want to go back into the house!
  • If you have heating installed, a summerhouse is the ideal way to continue enjoying your garden even in the colder weather. Entering a warm, comfy summerhouse on a crisp, cold morning with the newspaper and a hot cup of coffee is pure heaven.
  • For year-round use, youll want a summerhouse with double glazing and walls at least 44mm thick. You can also explore options for additional floor and ceiling insulation. Rugs on the floor will add warmth and comfort underfoot, underlay will provide further insulation and prevent rugs from sliding.

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  • How you decorate your summerhouse can also affect how you feel psychologically about the temperature. Youll want to choose warm colours like reds and oranges, light a few candles and decorate with a plush, luxurious rug. It will be cosy and snug in next to no time, allowing you to continue enjoying your outside space whatever the weather.
  • Adding a plush throw to seating and even including some wall hangings are further ways to create comfort and entice people out to spend time in the summerhouse.
  • Think about installing electricity to your building meaning you can have an electric convection heater or radiator. Electricity is also necessary if you want to use the summerhouse for working from home or hobbies. Alternatively, an electric oil-filled heater can heat such a space very well and are cost-effective.

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