Proper Ways to Get Rid of Old Electronics

As electronics become out of date or out of style, it’s only natural to want to get rid of them before or after you’ve upgraded. However, most of them are bulky, and many of them present environmental hazards that don’t allow you to simply put them by your curb to be picked up by the garbage man. Many people simply give up and have an electronic graveyard in their basement gathering dust. To avoid that, here are three practical and easy ways to properly and safely get rid of your unwanted electronics.

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While you can’t simply throw them away, you can get rid of many devices, you can take them to computer recycling services. There, they will be safely disassembled, and the individual components will be recycled in an environmentally friendly fashion. While there is usually a small charge for this, it’s comparable to taking a trip to your local garbage dump.


If your electronics still work, you might be surprised how much of a market there is for them at secondhand stores or online retailers. Vintage television consoles and gaming systems can fetch a pretty penny. If selling online, just be sure to be very upfront about their physical condition, including pictures. It helps to keep your shipping charges low (or just pay them yourselves) so as not to discourage potential buyers.


You can also donate working electronics to places like Goodwill stores, often with tax incentives. If they don’t work, consider calling local high schools or colleges. Electronics teachers may be eager to lap them up to give their students an exercise in trying to repair them, or at least to see how they are put together.

Proper disposal of electronics is important, and it’s easier than most people realize. Just take advantage of any of these methods and clear your clutter away!

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