Why are people choosing cast iron baths?

The reasons people opt for a particular type of bath when they are designing or redesigning a bathroom are very varied. Both practical and aesthetic aspects can have a bearing on the final decision and there are many different materials and designs from which to select your new bath.

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Practical benefits of a cast iron bath

Cast iron baths are very solid and hard wearing. They can last for generations and keep the same good looks as they had when first installed. Cast iron is also very durable and resistant to accidental damage. Unlike plastic or acrylic baths, they are very difficult to scratch or crack.

Anyone who has ever tried to remove an original cast iron bath from a bathroom will know that they are very heavy and almost impossible to break up, even with heavy tools. Because they are so long lasting, you sometimes see a cast iron bath in the corner of a field, being used as a trough for animal feed or water. Interestingly, according to Reference.com, the first bathtub was originally a cast iron horse trough which had four decorative feet attached to the bottom of it.

In addition to being hard wearing, cast iron also retains heat very well. This means that if you enjoy lying in the bath for an extended period, the water will stay warm for longer. A further bonus, if you choose a cast iron bath, is the fact that they are so easy to keep clean and will not be damaged by abrasive cleaners.

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Design considerations

Cast-iron baths are available in a wide range of designs including double ended slipper tubs big enough for two, bateau (or boat) baths and roll top baths so there is something to suit every home. They can have different claws or feet and various different finishes. Whether you are looking for an original vintage bath or a new model, they are available online from suppliers such as http://www.wilsonsyard.com/products/bathrooms/baths-new-cast-iron.html. The position of your bath is also important.

Baths made from cast iron normally have an enamel surface. The best option is vitreous enamel which is the most hardwearing and durable, but painted enamel is also available. If you decide to invest in a cast iron bath, it seems a pity to spoil the overall effect by opting for the cheaper painted finish.

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