How to be the Perfect Maid of Honour

Your best friend has just asked you to be their Maid of Honour… you are shocked, delighted and flattered that your friend considers you worthy of such a title. You stop to think though… and realise that you have no experience with being a Maid of Honour – so what do you do first? You may not consider yourself a leader, and someone who can be in charge of organising events, but once you read this article on how to be the perfect Maid of Honour, you will be away in no time.

Start Talking 

Sit down with your friend who’s getting married, and ask her what kind of wedding she wants to have. Being a Maid of Honours typically means that you are in charge of organising the Hen do, and making sure the Bride is ready for her big day. If you have known your friend for longer, knowing what she wants for her Hen Do will most likely be easier for you, but finding out extra details will give you a head start; ask her what kind of Hen Do she wants, and make a list of other bridesmaids that will be joining, so you can start on the invitations.

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Start Writing and Planning 

Buy yourself a little planning notebook solely for your Maid of Honour duties; start step by step, and don’t plan too much at once. First, you might want to consider the invitations for the other Bridesmaids; you could get them done online, or you could even have a go at making them yourself if you have a bit of experience with graphic design. You may even decide to handcraft, and handwrite the invitations to give them a more personal feel. Note down everything you will need to plan, and at what date you will want to complete them by.

Next Stages 

The next stages will be planning her Hen Do; if you know her Bridesmaids, perhaps invite them to a WhatsApp or a Facebook group chat, because then you can keep them updated with everything you are planning without the Bride knowing. Some Brides and Bridesmaids prefer the party scene with a few cheeky inflatable props… but that is not for everyone. Try and get hints from the Bride, and maybe suggestions from the Bridesmaids, or why not look online for Hen Do ideas? You will then need to buy and organise everything for the Hen Do whilst keeping your budget in mind. If it’s at a private function you may need to consider banners and balloons, but if you are going to an experience day event, you could make a selection of fun ‘party bags’ for the other hens. 

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The Big Day 

When it comes to the big day, you are responsible for assisting the Bride such as getting her dressed up, keeping her calm, and just making sure everything runs smoothly. As the Bride will be nervous, it’s up to you to make sure everything happens within the time frame, and that no disasters happen. Something else you will need to plan is how you and the other Bridesmaids will get to the wedding; why not give a Dorset Coach Hire company such as, or one more local to you a call? This ensures that you will get to the wedding safely and on time – however big or small the guest transport number is.

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