Is this the fridge of the future?

From auto-opening doors to touchscreens that let you order groceries, the latest fridges are fit for the 21st century. Forget fancy ice and water dispensers, these appliances are super-cool.

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Once just a figment of the sci-fi writers imagination, high-tech fridges that can tell you what to cook for dinner, are self-cleaning and let you know when youve run out of milk are here.

You can now buy Samsungs The Family Hub , which lets you organise your family with the ability to synchronise activities on a group calendar and leave digital notes. The fridge is so smart it can even let you know when an empty container of milk has been put back. Cameras inside these sleek appliances take a photo every time the doors close, which you can then access from your smartphone so you can top up your shop when youre out without the need for a shopping list.

The fridge is web connected and its 21.5 inch touchscreen can display recipes, stream TV and play music, as well as show your favourite family snaps.

But these new fridges of the future could also play a key role is slashing CO2 emissions by regulating their own energy usage. As The Guardian explains, fridges fitted with dynamic demand technology could link to the national grid and switch off their cooling units in times of high demand.

The future looks bright

Its not just fridges which are turning smart, there all kinds of appliances and gadgets hitting the market which could make life easier for both the homeowner and businesses. Catering companies already know that investing in equipment which makes their operation more efficient is essential for cost-savings. Thats why they have the latest refrigeration units, ovens and commercial warewashers, which they research carefully with suppliers such as

All of these appliances look set to turn smarter over the next few years, helping users work better, saving them time and money, as well as energy. Its not always easy to keep up with household and business needs, so a smart fridge which lets you know when youre running low, using image recognition technology, should help. While these smart fridges are not yet able to order groceries directly, that technology is just around the corner and could be part of every household in a few years.

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