Considerations before buying a wardrobe

When youre decorating your bedroom, it would be so easy if everything just fell into place. Somehow, though, it never seems to happen like this. In the past, if youve gotten carried away and bought furniture you loved in store but then realised it looked terrible in your home, youll understand the importance of planning before you do anything. Here are some things to consider before installing a wardrobe:

Measure the space you have available

This sounds painfully obvious, but youd be surprised by how many people dont do this. Its not just making sure the space you have is big enough but also that the piece of furniture you buy is big enough to fill a space and look in proportion to the rest of the room. A beautiful piece of furniture must look like it was made for the space it occupies.

Work out your storage needs

Before you rush into any purchase, calculate exactly how much storage space you need and what it is you will be storing. For example, you might work from home and have only one suit to hang but a vast collection of t-shirts and jumpers to be folded and stored. For more than one person using the wardrobe, you might need flexibility and a more tailored solution, so each side has the storage capacity it needs on an individual level.

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Consider style that fits the wider decor

Having a minimalist dcor and adding a large antique country-style wardrobe is bound to look out of place. Ideally, your choice needs to blend in with and support the wider aesthetics of your room. The beauty of fitted wardrobes is that they can seamlessly melt into the dcor in whatever style you desire. For Fitted Wardrobes Hampshire, visit

Think about material and colour

If possible, take a swatch or sample of colours or fabrics that youve already used in your bedroom when you view wardrobes or speak with a bespoke fitted wardrobe maker. This will help guide you when making your decision.

Consider the doors

Its not as easy as just making sure all your clothes will fit and handing over the money. Youll want to give some thought to the finer details, such as the style of door you desire. This can make a huge difference to the overall look of your dcor. For maximum space, the ideal option is a sliding door as they wont take up any space out into the room. You can usefully combine this a full-length mirror, combining another piece of furniture in one unit. Fitted wardrobes are the perfect space-saving for any size room.

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