6 Tricks to Decorate a Small Bedroom

Decorate a Small Bedroom

It’s okay if the rooms in your house are not too big. There is a solution for everything. That’s why today we tell you some tricks to decorate small bedrooms. It is in this room where we seek maximum relaxation and where we want to rest, that is why it is important to keep it tidy and provide an adequate decoration that favors that tranquility.

Stay tuned because we tell you some simple ways to give a lot of personality to this space although its surface is not too wide. The square meters will not be an obstacle to decorate it as it deserves.

Decorate a Small Bedroom

The trick of light colors

It is one of the best known tricks but I do not want to stop reminding you of that. Light and soft colors are always welcome in small spaces, as they tend to visually enlarge and make the room brighter.

The white will be great in the bedroom because it is a color that prints serenity. And you can always add touches of color through small details.

Functional furniture

Do not fill your furniture room. Choose functional pieces that can fulfill more than one purpose : a bed with storage space underneath, a trunk that helps you give a decorative touch and serves as a seat at a given time but that allows you to keep blankets or sheets inside, a closet go from floor to ceiling to take advantage of all available space, etc.

If the furniture is narrow they will help you better to take advantage of the available square meters.

Decorate a Small Bedroom

The lighting

Achieving adequate lighting is essential to decorate your small bedroom. Make the most of all the natural light you have available, placing light and light curtains that allow the light to pass through or even dispense with them if your privacy is not interrupted by the vision from the outside.

As for the artificial lighting, the lamps on the bedside tables are indispensable to create a relaxing and warm atmosphere at night. If you need more light for the day put a ceiling lamp. That it is not hanging like this will not visually saturate the already not very large space.

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The mirrors

Another trick of the always present when we want a room to look bigger . If we follow the guidelines of Feng Shui, avoid placing it in front of the bed since it is not recommended that we see ourselves reflected when we lie down to sleep.

Decorate a Small Bedroom

Little things that make a difference

That the bedroom is small does not mean that you have to forget about the decorative details that can give personality to the room.

A trick to do it is to give prominence to one of the walls. You can hang a picture or a picture on it, a picture … Whatever you want. You can even put a wallpaper on one of the walls or give a different color to the rest to add depth.

You can also add other accessories such as books or a personal souvenir that you like to have nearby. But always with moderation and without saturating the space since we know that it is not all that great and a way to maintain order in this type of small dormitories consists, precisely, not filling them with too many things.

Hangers behind the doors

As we have already seen, order and organization are an important part of the decoration of this room, so take advantage of each corner to hang small objects such as belts or handkerchiefs. The surface that remains behind the entrance door or inside those of the cabinets is ideal for putting small hangers.

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