Four Famous Windows to Discover

When we think of windows we tend to think of the windows of our home. Modern double glazing enables us to have a warm and comfortable home that we can see out of, and companies like this windows and door Bridgwater based business provide them to us.

Around the world we have many different views from our own windows – in fact, the ‘view from my window’ that went viral on social media was started by Belgian Barbara Duriau, during the pandemic when people were asked to stay home and documented the many different views from windows of people all over the world.

Some windows are more famous than others – through art, architecture and literature, some windows are iconic – here are just a few of the most famous windows in the world…

The Lady of Shallot – The tale of the Lady of Shallot by Alfred Lord Tennyson is one of the most famous poems, and of course features a window. The Lady who lives in a castle that overlooks Camelot is never allowed to look out of her window directly due to a curse, and instead must only see the outside world reflected in her mirror.

When she sees the handsome Lancelot, she sets off to find him, only to die before ever meeting him.

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The Pope’s Window – For Catholics around the world, this is most likely the most important and famous window. Every Sunday at midday, the Pope appears at this particular window to deliver a speech to those gathered in the square below, as well as blessings and prayer.

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York Minster – This is not only one of the greatest cathedrals in Europe but also the enormous east window itself has a claim to fame. It was the largest glass window anywhere for a long time before modern architecture. The gothic style can be seen in the window that was designed by John Thornton and depicts the apocalypse.

Notre Dame – It is hard to think of striking windows and not think of the magnificent south rose window of Notre Dame cathedral. Though there are many striking windows in the cathedral, the fact that this particular one faces south means that the sun shines through it in the day, casting a stunning array of colours onto the ground below in the cathedral.

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