Most people celebrate when two lives are joined together

It’s a couples society. If you are alone, often the world wonders why or pushes you to find someone to join with. It sends the message that it’s not ok to be alone and that there’s something inherently wrong with being alone. Unfortunately, this fascination with coupledom can send a flawed message. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being alone, and in some situations, it’s for the best. After all, the first relationship we should nurture is the one we have with ourselves. This is one that shouldn’t be neglected either. Nurturing a relationship with ourselves is equally, if not more important than nurturing a relationship with others.

We are Born Alone
Even twins are born one at a time. We come into this world single file. The first relationship we should pay attention to and nurture is the one we have with ourselves. We are born alone and when we pass away we will be alone as well. Our first responsibility should be to ourselves and our own sense of self and happiness.

As we grow, it should be our goal to explore who we are as much as possible. If we are seeking a job woking for a company that specializes in pvd coatings, it behooves us to learn as much as possible about the profession, the company, and what they do. The same can be said about self-discovery. You owe yourself that same dedication, attention, and time. Fully explore who you are. You are stuck with yourself forever. You might as well learn as much as possible. It’s all a part of taking care of yourself.

Authentic Decisions
The more you know and understand about yourself, the easier it is to make authentic decisions that are reflective of who you truly are. This should be the goal. Decisions that reflect who you are and what you truly value will bring you the most happiness. This is why it’s so important to learn about yourself. The time and attention you put into yourself will translate into authentic decisions that guide your life in a positive way and help create happiness and truth in your life.

The first relationship we are ever gifted with is the one we have with ourselves. It’s a relationship that we should nurture all of our lives. Self-discovery leads us to authenticity in our decision-making process and a greater appreciation for who we are as individuals. We owe it to ourselves to nurture our own lives.

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