Colours to avoid when painting your front door

More than just an entrance, your front door is a statement piece that sets the tone for your home’s exterior. Choosing the right colour can make all the difference, so let’s take a look at some to avoid.
Neon or ultra-bright colours

While vibrant colours can be eye-catching, going too neon or ultra-bright can overwhelm the overall look of your home. Neon greens, pinks or electric blues might not blend well with the rest of your exterior, so opt for subtler shades or use bright colours as accents on UPVC doors in Cirencester instead.

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Muddy or murky tones

Colours that appear muddy or murky can make your home look dull and neglected, so avoid shades that are too greyish, brownish or muted. These colours can give your home an unwelcoming and drab appearance.

Conflicting colour schemes

Consider the existing colour scheme of your home’s exterior and avoid UPVC doors Cirencester in colours that clash with the dominant colours of your cladding, trim or roof. A clashing colour can disrupt the overall harmony and balance of your home’s appearance.

Overly dark shades

Extremely dark colours such as deep black and charcoal grey can absorb heat and make your front door scorching hot on sunny days. They can also create a stark contrast that draws too much attention, overpowering other architectural features.

Trendy, short-lived colours

While it might be tempting to follow the latest colour trends, remember that trends come and go. Choosing a colour solely because it is trendy today could leave your home feeling outdated in a few years; instead, opt for something with lasting appeal.

Clashing colours

Some colours simply don’t work well together, so it is wise to avoid combinations that clash; for example, a bright red front door is unlikely to complement a bright pink or orange exterior.

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Unappealing personal preferences

Ultimately, your front door should reflect your personal style; however, it is essential to consider other factors. Avoid colours that you might love but are generally considered unattractive or jarring; instead, look for a balance between personal taste and kerb appeal.

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