What are the main structures of the ear

The ear is split into three main features: the inner, the outer and the middle.  It is one of the most complex organs within the human body,  not that any of them are not complex in the first place.  The ear is responsible for maintaining your balance and also for your ability to hear the world around you.  it offers one of the most acute senses for your brain to interpret the world.  Each part of the ear plays a specific role as a whole.  The ear can easily be compromised by the buildup of too much earwax.  If this happens it’s time to put in a call to the Ear wax removal Sutton Coldfield based https://www.earwax.co.uk/ear-wax-removal-near-me/sutton-coldfield/ to assist you with removing it.

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  1. The outer ear is responsible for funnelling sound and sound waves into your ear so that they can be interpreted by the other elements.  This is the only part of the year that you can actually see as it is on the outside of the body.
  2. The middle ear is where the eardrum  sits.  as sound enters into the ear from the outer ear ossicles amplify the sound towards the drum.  a small hammer attached to the eardrum takes these vibrations and transmits them to the next.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Image credit
  3. In the inner  ear is the cochlea; this is a spirally shaped organ that converts sound vibration into electrical signals for the brain to interpret.  It also houses the vestibular system that keeps us balanced.

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