Can you guess how much a sock knitting machine sold for?

In recent years, the Cymbal Limited knitting machine has become a collector’s item. Due to its rarity, it can sell for a high price at auction. In July 2023, a Cymbal Limited knitting machine sold for £550 in Fernhurst, West Sussex. The machine was accompanied by detailed instructions, enabling the fortunate purchaser to knit lots of socks or simply craft a single pair at a cost of £275 per sock.

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History of knitting machines

The Cymbal Limited cast-iron knitting machine is a rare piece of knitting history. It was manufactured in the early 1900s by the Cymbal Limited company, which was based in Leicester. It is a circular knitting machine, meaning it can be used to knit tubes of fabric such as socks, sleeves and hats.

The Cymbal Limited knitting machine is a relatively simple machine to operate, as it has just two main parts: the carriage and the bed. You first need to wind the yarn onto the carriage, then place the carriage on the bed and start it moving. As the carriage moves, the needles will rise and fall to create a knitted fabric. You can control the pattern of the fabric by changing the order in which you raise and lower the needles.

If you don’t have a knitting machine, a knitting kit for knitting socks is available from specialists such as

Is a knitting machine right for you?

If you are a fan of knitting history or are looking for a unique and challenging knitting machine, the Cymbal Limited cast-iron knitting machine is a great option; however, you should note that it is a vintage machine and may require maintenance or repairs. If you are not comfortable working with vintage machines, it may be best to purchase a newer model.

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While modern knitting technology has evolved considerably since the days of the Cymbel Limited cast-iron knitting machine, its legacy endures. This machine not only played a pivotal role in shaping the textile industry but also stands as a reminder of the power of human innovation and engineering progress.

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