Exploring Britain’s Most Common Native Trees

As the days are dull and grey, and lockdown still continues, the nations mental health is suffering right now. But better days are coming, and a walk in amongst nature can really show us that. Getting out and being with nature is also a really effective way to make yourself feel much better and calmer – spot the early signs of spring such as the snowdrops and the birds building nests.

Get some walking maps like these https://www.themapshop.co.uk/Explorer_Walking_Maps.htm  and really explore the countryside and see for yourself. One of the most calming things that you will see on your walk are of course the mighty trees that could tell a tale or two! Here are some of the most common native trees in the UK to spot whilst out and about…

Birch – Both the downy and silver Birch are native trees to Britain, and they symbolise purity and renewal. They were believed to be potent symbols of fertility and were often used as a symbol of love. Birch trees support hundreds of insect species and woodpeckers favour them for nesting in.

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Oak – These are not only one of the emblems of England as they are such a common and iconic tree in this country, but they are also important as a part of the ecosystem and oak forests support insects’ birds and larger mammals such as squirrels and badgers. The tree of great strength, we could all learn a few things from the mighty oak.

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Ash – This is one of Britain’s common native trees and was revered by the ancient Celts as the tree of life and the tree of the world. Ceremonial tools were made from the Ash tree and it is a tall and beautiful tree. You will easily be able to spot an ash tree even in the winter by its black buds.

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