Plan to update the bathroom: Furniture that bring elegance and style

Update the bathroom

Until recently no one gave to the bathroom no aesthetic importance but today things have changed and have to make it elegant style, one of the key resides on the furniture you choose to put . We will tell you everything that takes and how you can get with these proposals.

The first thing to consider is the space that you have, that measures the furniture you choose the best match, but if it takes drawers that can be opened comfortably, and if you go to install suspended and anchored to the wall or supported on the ground.

Plenty of room for a family bathroom

When there is several members in the family much capacity it is needed to store the goods of each and keep everybody happy. If that is the case, choose functional but modern furniture that allow each to have its own space without intruding on others.

Update the bathroom
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The easiest is a cabinet with many drawers, which can be shared among all members of the household. If each has its own place unnecessary, especially first thing in the morning discussions will be avoided. Choose a durable material, especially if you have small children, which open and close doors and drawers countless times each day.

No discards place a column or some extra module that, although not like the rest, is integrated into the style you choose. Thus you can, for example, conveniently store towels without mixing with other objects and leave them well bent difficult when going in a hurry and everything is in the same space.

Bathroom in the bedroom: Ultimate sophistication

If you decide to open the bathroom and incorporate it into your room feel free to choose a design line cabinet decoration of the entire stay. This solution allows you to risk a little more and play with colors to create contrasts that bring personality and strength to the whole.

A bathtub ultramodern house perfectly with minimalist furniture, without moldings or handles, but with room to store it your toilet utensils, dryer and a towel. The perfect complement is a rounded sink and a large mirror with which also will achieve give depth to the entire stay.

Update the bathroom
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Youth Style? Fun furniture

If finally you have independent and you are riding your first home, do not hesitate to give your bathroom a relaxed and cheerful style. To achieve nothing better than using furniture with an original point or a bright color, every morning get rip a smile.

Our proposal is a cabinet with a circular recesses matching the shape of the mirror and supported on four legs so you can easily access its bottom cleaning. You will succeed if you complete the decoration with some colorful tiles covering up to ten centimeters above the cabinet.

You can also reverse the above solution and apply the color, rather than the wall tiles in the bathroom cabinet. If instead of paint evenly, it decamps using a wide color range you get a style slightly worn completely youthful. The walls and floor in gray complete the set.

Update the bathroom
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Wood, join the trend

Since this material to new treatments are applied that isolate it from moisture, it has gone to become one of the most sought for bathroom furniture. In addition to providing warmth to this room, with wood you can achieve from classic to cutting edge.

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Furniture in wood color, with large drawers and sufficient space on it to provide your personal belongings is a solution that fits any wall covering and flooring. If also has a shelf on it you can place two or three baskets to expand your storage capacity.

Wood is perfect for a colonial style. A fine strip to match the mirror, on a strip of raw tiles combined with a green moss wall, furniture is not it a perfect match? Adds elements such as a magazine or some sheet ethnic to complete this harmonious environment.

Update the bathroom
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Solutions adjusted to reduced spaces

If you have little space in the bathroom or toilet does not have why give up a piece of furniture with style, you just need to fit the dimensions that you have. Start by placing a sliding door to the open does not involve hitting the elements of stay. If you still find it impossible to place a chest of drawers, opt for a decorative shelves with a simple sink even leave you enough room to add a decorative element.

Do not give up installing some cabinets in your bathroom, for that is very tight space that you have. With a good solution the possibilities are many, one must know how to find it. Even on the wall with the smaller dimensions it is possible to place several decorative furniture getting a result as you see in the image.

Furniture casters, the ideal solution

Why limit the placement of the bathroom cabinet to a particular space? If you add some wheels under your bathroom furniture, you can move them (or stack) according to your needs of the moment, even get them out of this room if you like. You can place a cushion of an impermeable material on it and thus will not be necessary that you have a bench, you can use as a practical seat.

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