Best citronella candles

Best citronella candles

Citronella candles protect us from harmful insects also bring a high elegancy to our yard or patio. This candle can be used anywhere whenever you are outdoors. Generally, citronella candles are affordable and nontoxic. But, there are various types of citronella candles are available in the market or store also, it comes in various sizes, colors, and shapes. So, it became more difficult to choose the best citronella candles. Here, after researching and following the advice from experts we listed some of the best citronella candles below. So, read this guide article to buy the best citronella candles.

Cutter Citro Candle

The best overall citronella candle.

Cutter Citro Candle comes with three large wicks which ensure a long burn time of 40 hours. Also, these candles are made of real and pure citronella oil that gives an optimal result and each of these attractive candles is 20 ounces. Moreover, the candle smell is quite sweet and pleasant also, it has a great look.

The stable and wide base of this candle ensures the prevention of tipping. Also, its high sides make sure the flame to not blow out during the windy days. Besides, it works great as a bug repellent. So, place it outdoors at least for 20 minutes and as a result, all the mosquitoes will go away. Furthermore, these candles cover a large place and come at an affordable price.

Geelywax CandlesBest citronella candles Geelywax

The most stylish and best decorative citronella candle.

These citronella candles are available in four-set and the weight is five ounces each of them. Furthermore, this high-rated candle has 3 wicks and comes with a triple set. Also, it has thirty-hour of burn time. As this candle has a powerful citronella scent it can easily repel mosquitoes. Besides, this beauty can be used both indoors and outdoors also. During the rainy season, the candle’s matching lids act as protection. However, the citronella oil percentage in these citronella candles is not clear. Moreover, the candle jar’s gorgeous design with an effective fragrance ensures mosquitoes no itchy biting. Although, it costs a little much most of the users praise its satisfactory usage and art style.

Murphy’s Naturals Candle

The safest candle with full of natural ingredients.

This Candle is made blend of oils of citronella, cedarwood, peppermint, lemongrass, and rosemary. Besides, it contains a hundred percent of beeswax and soy blend. And this candle only has one wick and a lid on recyclable tin for protecting itself. Also, this 9 ounces sized candle burns time for thirty hours long and it can portable. Plus, it has a refreshing and light smell. There are no chemicals, dyes, petroleum, or synthetic fragrances. Here, it uses highly effective essential oils especially citronella oil (5%), which keeps the mosquitoes away. Moreover, it comes at an affordable price and every penny is satisfied as you’ll barely notice any mosquitoes.


Citronella candle works as a natural repellent for insects, especially for mosquitoes. Also, it enriches spots with its attractiveness. Based on placement, burn time, potency, etc the best citronella candle choosing depends. Now, buy the best citronella candles from the above list and enjoy your outer space without any bug trouble.

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