The magnificent British bred Hereford Cattle

Even though the magnificent British Bred Hereford Cattle was originally born in the county of Herefordshire this hardy and easily recognisable animal breed has spread far and wide across rivers, seas, hills and plains to become incredibly popular all over the world. Exported firstly to Kentucky as long ago as 1817, the breed has now spread all over, The United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, Australasia, Russia, Israel, Japan, Europe and New Zealand. The lineage of this hardy breed can be traced back to the original Bull and Cow and has been accurately and carefully documented throughout the years by professional Bookkeepers Hereford.  The ancestry of each calf is religiously recorded and copies kept securely for future reference.

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The prized Bulls stand at approximately one hundred and fifty-two cm and weigh in at an impressive 18001bs!  The cows stand at an average of one hundred and forty cm and weigh 12001bs. Their rough coats are a beautiful shade of red and white and the bulls horns are white. Again, accurate records are kept of each calf at birth, its sex, size, height and weight and all these important details written down clearly and legibly.

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There are two distinct breeds of the Hereford Cattle, the Polled and the Horned variety, the polled are a natural genetic mutation without horns. The elite professionals that are responsible for making sure all these recordings are kept securely also help the local Hereford city inhabitants to keep their personal and professional records straight.

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