An Easy Way To Increase Your Firms Security

Integrity and honesty often rank within the top three characteristics people desire in others and are the most discussed trait for employees that cannot be taught. However, trustworthiness is not something that can be easily shown on an application or resume. Here are some ways to protect your firm from less than reputable people who make it through your onboarding process.

Security Seals

Tagging and sealing shipments and inventory units with traceable, unique seals can remove all doubt to whether something has been tampered with, and seal manufacturers are a great place to start. These firms specialize in securing other organizations goods, and while there are many seals and tag to choose from, they can point you in the right direction based on your needs.

Logging Data

Keeping close track of inventory through the use of a computer system can be much more effective and measurable than outdated paper tracking methods when it comes to finding discrepancies or larger trends related to numbers being incorrect. Computer systems allow for a more thorough understanding of your firms data, through up-to-date metrics and numbers that can be refreshed at the click of a mouse. This makes it much harder for internal would-be thieves to find openings in your chain of command and discourages internal fraud. Electronically gathered data is also much easier to sort through and store.

Dual Controls

In the banking industry, almost everything requiring a sign-off or permission needs two people to approve it. This dual control is because of the importance of security while dealing with other peoples money. Why wouldnt you want that same level of importance when it comes to your own money? If you are an owner-operator or even just a shareholder of the company you work at, you have an even bigger stake in operations and management than other employees. Dual control does a lot to remove the risk of one person accidentally or intentionally disrupting operations, or even committing fraud.

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