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The UK can boast having many thousands of beautiful houses, with many of them being period homes. Protecting our heritage is important and thanks to people falling in love with these properties, they are often painstakingly restored to their former glory. Here are just a few of the most stunning period homes in the UK:

Parsonage House, Devon

This building was designed in 1848 by the Gothic revival architect, John Hayward. It is thought to be one of the most lovely examples of a parsonage in the country. It features a walled and landscaped garden, including fruit and vegetable gardens.

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High Birch, Kent

Situated in a village that belongs to an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Conservation, this traditional Kentish home has kept its original features. These include mullioned windows, an inglenook fireplace and an oak staircase. You’ll even find an original priest hole here. When you need Residential Architects Harpenden to help with your restoration project, consider https://www.rbddesign.com/architects-design/residential-architecture-harpenden/

Ogle Castle, Northumberland

For a residence with some serious history, this Grade I listed building was the castle in which King David II of Scotland was imprisoned in 1348 during the battle of Nevills Cross. It is said to be one of the oldest inhabited buildings in the region, so if you like the idea of walking the halls where many have trodden before you, then this castle will set you back approximately £1.5 million.

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Pimlico, Durham

Another home steeped in history, this property sits opposite Durham Cathedral. How’s that for a view? It also boasts a great central town location and features a stunning Great Hall, which has been open to the public on Heritage Days. This medieval home will cost you £895,000.

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