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Practice running

Recommendations to practice running at night

Working hours or simply the change of seasons ago when the sun goes down proliferate lovers running, a sport popular among other things by its low cost. However we must consider some recommendations especially if we practice running urban. This is what you should consider.

When night many streets and parks of our cities are filled with runners who train daily in so-called “night races”. The night races are also booming. The sunset is one of the ideal for sports moments due to lower temperatures, which directly affects summertime sweating, hydration and fatigue that produces training. In addition to train late in the day can forget work stress, facilitates sleep and a frontal the next day with renewed vigor. The running night has many advantages but we must also take into account some recommendations for practice with security.

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Why your teeth look yellow

6 Reasons why your teeth look yellow

Although we can relate to poor oral hygiene, yellow teeth respond to many other factors that may even be related to genetics.

Some healthy white teeth allow us to look a brighter smile and attractive. Because of this, more and more they are looking to keep them in perfect condition by applying various treatments.

However, although it is possible to whiten to some extent, it is essential to note that these are not white pearl in nature due to the components responsible for its color.

These dentin, a substance that gives them a yellowish hue but looks whiter stands out thanks to tooth enamel that covers it. The problem is that there are certain factors that cause deterioration of the enamel, which makes the teeth begin to look more yellow than they should.

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Detoxify the body

10 foods that detoxify the body

Start your ‘detox’ today!

After the excesses of holidays we have had, today I bring you 10 foods that detoxify the body by Margo Marrone, director of The Organic Pharmacy.

The Organic Pharmacy is a multi-function space. It is a pharmacy where herbal and homeopathic in his dispensary prepare mixtures of herbs and homeopathic remedies to treat every individual need. It is an urban spa with a clinic in the hands of professionals, dedicated and highly trained homeopaths.

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Sinusitis causes

Sinusitis, causes and risk factors

When a person has a lot of mucus, you tend to think that he has caught a cold or a cold.But at the time that mucus is extended in time, it becomes thicker and yellow or green color in some brown cases, it gets stuck and causes pain in the areas near the nose, both sides and top, it can be sinusitis.

Sinusitisis no longer a simplecold, but something more, an inflammation of the sinuses, which can affect both children and adults.Although it is quite normal to confuse the two conditions and headache that accompany episodes of nasal obstruction or constipation, it is necessary that people begin to understand the characteristics of each one because the treatment is different.

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Salmonella and Salmonellosis

What is salmonella and salmonellosis? What you should know?

Salmonella is a group of bacteria that commonly cause foodborne illness. Salmonella infection known as salmonellosis, and can occur through the consumption of contaminated food products including raw poultry, eggs, beef cattle, and sometimes fruits and vegetables without washing.

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What is Relaxation Massage? – Natural Therapy

One of the most popular massages the spas have to offer, the truth is that its name – relaxation massage – says it all: aims relax body, mind and soul. Whoever tries, usually do not want anything else…

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What is Homeopathy?

You do not know which is homeopathy? Here we tell you what it is and its benefits for health and wellness.

What is Homeopathy?

The homeopathy is called alternative therapies, complementary or holistic medicine. It is based on “dealing with like”, i.e. “put out the fire with fire” from the philosophies and mind of Hippocrates, doctor of ancient Greece and probably the founder of homeopathy, and Samuel Hahnemann, doctor German considered the father of modern homeopathy.

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