Avoiding injuries in the novice runner

Avoiding injuries

Running is a very complete sport and with many benefits, but injuries are always there. Today we are going to propose some tips to avoid injury to rookie running.

It is rare that a rider has never had an injury, regardless of the level at which the sport is practiced or the extent of the injury. But above all, in the rookie running back, there is more likely to be injured if things are not done well, as muscles, bones and joints are not accustomed to repeated impacts of the race.

Avoiding injuries
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Tips to avoid injury if we start running

  • Do not run daily: At most one every other day. So that your body gives you time to adapt to the new sport and its characteristics.
  • If you have never run, alternating running with walking: Running is an activity with great impact, if you’ve never done is better than you alternate running a few minutes and a few minutes walk to adapt gradually. This training to start running you can come in handy to know how to alternate running and walking.
  • Running many kilometers is the leading cause of injury to rookie running: You start raring and sin of wanting to do more than we can, passing kilometers. Learn to go in progression from less to more, starting with 10 to 20 kilometers a week.

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  • Avoid running on asphalt: It is a very hard surface and our legs are unaccustomed to strong impact with the asphalt. The ideal is to start running on lighter surfaces such as grass or some other dirt road. You can run one day on asphalt, but it is not frequent.
  • Stretching after running: A good way to speed recovery after the race. In the race the muscles suffer and stretch them in a moderate but frequent way, it will help to avoid that appear muscular discomforts.
  • If you notice any pain, stop: It is a mistake frecuence note that hurts knee, ankle or some muscle and think that nothing happens, which is normal because we are not used. Before it becomes a more serious injury, stop, walk and leave a couple of days of rest before running again.
  • Best two short workouts that long one: The main problem is that start running an excessive burden for our locomotor system. Marathon injuries should be avoided, however slow we may run. It is always preferable to go out two days in a row and do every day 5 kilometers to go out one day and do 13.

In short, the rookie runner must have patience and not try to do in a week what has never been done. Run a few miles at the beginning and focus more on running well than on making mileage. With patience and calmness, when you take several weeks of training, you will begin to notice results and, most importantly, avoiding injuries.

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